Sunday, September 23, 2012

Enemy of the state- A sad war against the wolf


  As a wolf enthusiast, I can no longer understand how some states are allowing the wolf and other predator's hunting seasons get out of hand. Management is key, and I'm not one that says we shouldn't control populations when needed. However, I am fully against trapping, aerial shooting, hunting all year year long(especially during gestation months), and night hunting.

 I know it can be hard to understand any states having a hunting season, and I think its even worst when states decide to go overboard, and basically declare war on the wolf. Now, a lot of people out there don't understand this, but the wolf is actually a strong survivalist and even with all the illegal shootings, the ridiculous state management plans, the wolf population is growing far greater then first expected. Now do I feel like the numbers will ever be like they were in the early 1900s? No,and a large reason for that is the growing human population and destroyed habitat for the species.

 Wolfs are just like any other predator, and really thrive in the absence of humans. In huge dense forest, the creamy white ice plains and tundra, and in the deserts of the southwest, the wolf will fill its surroundings with the sound of its howl, and the presence of a true apex predator. No one can expect these graceful animals to be living in the backyards of the suburbs and the streets of the cities. Coyotes are in that niche and are hunted like vermin. Thats not what I want for the wolf. I don't want centers and zoos filled with it, or to see it while driving down I-95. I want to know its free, and roaming in acres of amazing lands.

 The problem with the states plans for management is, they really start killing way to many, way to early. As well as the inhumane ways they choose to operate, they need to focus on protecting the environment that is home to the wolves, and not build new condos, and then get upset the wolves are eating the neighbors trash, when last year it was a den site in the middle of the forest.

 All animals are hunted, and that is not my place to tell others whether they should do it or not. That being said, for protected animals, the fines and penalties should be raised ten fold. Killing an endangered species should be a minimal of 6 months in jail, and 5,000 dollar fine. Poachers know what they are doing, and we do not have the right to wipe another species out.

 I love wolves, and the rest of the animal world as well. I vote against actions I feel are not humane, or plainly out of line. However, we as conservationist need to pick our battles, and not cry "wolf" at the hint of anything but 100% our way of thinking. If wolves are attacking livestock, and that states wolf population is blooming, then if the F&W division find the wolves doing it are threatening the area(Obviously within reason), they have to remove them. Just as you would do for a bear, or mountain lion etc. We can not just expect otherwise.

 Make sure you do your best for the wolf and you can help by voting. Here are the links!

 Help the Iberian Wolf-

 Stop the reckless Wyoming "management" Plan-{%223419290375661%22%3A321162237991717}&action_type_map={%223419290375661%22%3A%22og.recommends%22}&action_ref_map

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